Salon mix nail art online course

salon mix nail art online course
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ONLINE COURSE. Are you passionate about nail art and looking to turn your creative flair into a marketable skill? Our Nail Art Essentials course is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the exciting world of nail artistry.

Impress your clients with easy and fast nail designs and increase your income! 

Learn this course online at convenient time for you as many times as you want!  

Course Contents:7 video lessons
Requirements:No previous experience required
Access:90 days
Certificate:On completion

Course contents:

  • Introduction
  • Product Overview
  • Explanation of different techniques
  • 6 videos of nail art with detailed explanation

Below is a list of materials used on the course. You might have it already, if you like to purchase all or some the links are attached.

  1. Top finish gel https://prestigenails.ie/product/top-finish-gel/
  2. Satin Top Gel https://prestigenails.ie/product/satin-top-gel/
  3. Cream gel- White https://prestigenails.ie/product/cream-gel-white/
  4. Purple #4 brush https://prestigenails.ie/product/gel-brush-purple-4/
  5. Pink Nail Art brush https://prestigenails.ie/product/pink-nail-art-brush/ 
  6. Long Hair brush brown https://prestigenails.ie/product/long-hair-brush-brown-9mm/ 
  7. Mirror Powder 
  8. Platinum Gel – Crystals https://prestigenails.ie/product/platinum-gel-crystals/ 
  9. Cream Gel- Gold https://prestigenails.ie/product/cream-gel-gold/ 
  10. Clear Gel https://prestigenails.ie/product/clear-gel-3-in-1/
  11. Cleaner https://prestigenails.ie/product/cleaner/ 

Gel Polishes: https://prestigenails.ie/product-category/gel-polishes/

  1. Royal Black 001
  2. Ultra White 002
  3. Fashion Style 004
  4. In Hype 026
  5. Orchid 020
  6. Raspberry Passion 019
  7. Sunshine 026
  8. VIP 024
  9. Young  Leaf 028
  10. Inspiration 015


  1. Caviar https://prestigenails.ie/product/caviar-silver-extra-small/ 
  2. Metal Decorations https://prestigenails.ie/product/metallic-mixed-decorations-gold/ 
  3. Strips https://prestigenails.ie/product/strip-stickers-10-colors/ 
  4. Dotting Tool https://prestigenails.ie/product/dotting-tool/ 
  5. Stones https://prestigenails.ie/?s=crystals&post_type=product