Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pedicure at Cork’s Finest Nail Salon


Think pedicures are just for summer? Think again! In today’s blog, we give you a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect pedicure, with expert tips from our seasoned professionals at Cork’s Finest Nail Salon, Prestige Nails.

Pre-Treatment Preparations

Good pedicures start before you even enter the salon. Make sure you are prepared and bring open shoes or flip-flops with you. If we are finishing your pedicure with regular nail varnish, this will ensure your toes have enough time to dry completely.

The Experience

Once you’re comfortably seated, our expert technicians will present you with an array of pedicures to choose from, each enriched with key ingredients and vitamins designed to nourish your feet. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll commence your treatment with a soothing foot soak in a warm bath. This is followed by cuticle care, removal of any old product, and callus work. Next up is exfoliation and the polish application of your choice. And, of course, we wrap it all up with a final, deeply relaxing foot massage.


Don’t just hop up and go once the polish is on! Allow adequate time for drying to avoid smudging. At home, keep your feet moisturised to maintain that newly pampered feel.


A pedicure is more than a beauty treatment; it’s a ritual. Trust Cork’s Finest Nail Salon, Prestige Nails, for a pedicure experience that pampers both your feet and your soul. Book your appointment today to experience pedicure perfection.


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